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Book My Mantra Offilne Advertising Services transforms Offline customers into revenue generators

We help you increase brand awareness and product information by giving relevant brand exposure and visibility. With our wide range of advertising services, you will surely get captive audience at the right place at the right time.

Offline Advertising

Newspaper. Radio. Televison - Advertising Services

Newspaper Ads - Still one of the most effective methods, it will never go stale even in this digital era.

Radio Ads - Get your brand promoted by the RJ and get exciting contests run around your brand.

Television Ads - Investing in TV increases your effectiveness by more than 40% making it the best medium for brand promotion.

Hoarding. Cinema. Transport - Advertising Services

Hoarding Advertising - Though expensive but a very effective medium for brand building, we offer the premium places to display your brand

Metro Station Ads - With lakhs of daily riders, metro gives the perfect opportunity for a brand to get captive audience

Bus Shelter Ads - As effective as hoardings but lot less cheaper, bus shelter present as perfect place for brand visibility

Cinema Advertising - Get undivided and longer brand visibility while customers have the most free time in the cinema hall.

Auto. Bus. Pole. Pamphlet - Advertising Services

Auto Rickshaw Ads - Auto advertising is in high demand because of its ability to be more localised and reach every corner of the city

Tea Cup Branding - Make your brand a tea time conversation and atleast 10 min exclusive brand visibility

Bus Advertisement - Bus ads are very effective for achieving most marketing goals like new product launches, seasonal specials and usual branding.

Pamphlet Advertisement - Having one of the best ROI, pamphlets gets into the hands of your audience and gives undivided attention to the brand.

Pole Flex Banners - Get your brand placed where on-goers can know it closely

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