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The #1 BMM Rule of choosing a great marketing agency is to make sure they have delivered results for companies similar to yours.

Awarded the Best Digital Marketing Agency by The Webby Awards & Digiday Awards, below are the most successful Digital Marketing Case Studies delivered by Book My Mantra team over the last few years.


This will clearly outline what we did for numerous clients across the globe to generate more revenue, business and traffic.

Healthcare - Case Study

To increase the count of Cardio Patients for Medanta Hospital to two folds in 12 months 

We partnered with the Medanta team, listened to their big goals to
grow the practice, and hustled at a smart strategy until it worked at the most efficient returns on Investments. Results over a 6 month period included:

  • 24% increase in Search visibility

  • 37% decrease in Cost per Acquisition

  • 93% increase in Appointments


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Real Estate - Case Study

To assist Renaissance Holdings finalize a cost-effective Lead Acquisition Strategy

We didn’t make immediate changes to Renaissance Holdings’ live marketing campaigns. We wanted to see if the changes we proposed – based on data – would actually increase conversions. By running an a/b test, we could compare our versions with Renaissance Holdings’ live versions of other marketing agencies. Results over a Quater period included:

  • 1086 Leads acquired in just 45 Days

  • 989 Direct Calls received

  • 78% cost reduction in our testing phase


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Retail & e-Commerce - Case Study

To assist Mama Earth with the right positioning and branding on all Digital Media Platforms

For Mama Earth, a good SEO Strategy was all they needed to positon their brand and to develop the trust and authority in the industry. Results over a 12 month period included:

  • 42% instant increase in website traffic

  • 150+ Targeted KWs ranked on First Page of Google

  • 31% increase in Page Views

  • 3.5 Million Monthly Page Impressions on Google 


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Hotels & Resturants - Case Study

To get Jaypee Resorts up on all Social Media Platforms to drive Bookings and Enquires

Our social team’s campaign included increasing social updates by 120%, which targeted messages that encouraged engagement. Results over a 12 month period included:

  • 81% Facebook Fans were all turned to Bookings

  • 50% decrease in costs for FB Likes 

  • 969 Average Monthly increase in Pinterest Followers

  • 300% increase in Bookings


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Non-Profit Organizations - Case Study

To get Vision Spring’s Brand registered with the higher management of companies across the globe

In 2019, the marketing work we did with Vision Spring helped them to secure funds in excess of $1.7 Million Dollars. Results over a 12 month period included:

  • 716 CSR Enquiry Mails

  • 1.2 Lakh+ Video Views

  • #2 ROA of Programmatic Display


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Cosmetic Hospital - Case Study

To get Harley Hospital’s Ayurveda sales and services reach their revenue goals the fastest

In 2019, Harley’s Clinic was able to attract new customers by improving its online presence, making it as beautiful as their clients. They started ranking in top 3 for most of their relevant Keywords on Google. Results over a 12 month period included:

  • 47% increase in Organic Sessions

  • 192% increase in Convertion Rate

  • 346 Leads captured in first 3 months


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Online Retail - Case Study

To get 1Mg’s Ayurveda sales and services reach their revenue goals the fastest

In 2018-19, the marketing work we did with 1MG Ayurveda team for North India helped to keep 1MG in the consideration pool while driving transactions and revenue at the most efficient ROAS (return on ad spend) possible. Results over a 12 month period included:

  • 374% increase in Revenue

  • 88,806 Paid Leads

  • 426% increase in Orders


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Online Jewelry - Case Study

To asssit Jumkey Jewelry with their revenue goals and achive 40,000+ Orders

Our SEO/PPC campaigns were closely monitored and built upon to ensure that Jumkey continues to see the type of paid and organic results we had established from the onset. Results over a 12 month period included:

  • 40,210 Orders Received

  • #1 Organic Search Rank for 900+ Keywords

  • 174,510 Enquiries received in just 1 year

  • Geo Fencing and Direct Response Keywords implemented


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  • Gurgaon SEO Company

  • Mumbai SEO Company

  • Hyderabad SEO Company

  • Chandigarh SEO Company

  • Indore SEO Company

  • Kolkata SEO Company

  • Bangalore SEO Company

  • Pune SEO Company

  • Chennai SEO Company

  • Kanpur SEO Company

  • Jaipur SEO Company

  • Ahmedabad SEO Company

  • Agra SEO Company

  • Surat SEO Company

  • Lucknow SEO Company

  • Bhopal SEO Company

  • Kochi SEO Company

  • Patna SEO Company

  • Varanasi SEO Company

  • Nagpur SEO Company

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