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We have over 10 years of Digital Marketing Experience in Top Industries

Awarded the best Digital Marketing Agency for Doctors and Hospitals, Book My Mantra also serves clients across other Industries:


  • Retail - Online and Offline

  • Real Estate - Builders and Brokers

  • Healthcare - Doctors and Hospitals

  • Hotels - Mostly 5 or 4 Stars

  • Non Profit Organizations

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Education and Training

  • Small Businesses and Startups

  • Home Services 

  • Legal and Professional Firms

Partner with a digital marketing agency that’s not just a socalled Jack-of-all-Trade, but a specialized Partner in your specific Industry

At Book My Mantra, we don’t act as if we are a Jack of Trade for all Industries. We know thats impossible!


So we concentrate on only a few specific Indutries where we know we can deliver exceptional results to our clients. All are associates come with specific Industry experience and have also been aligned to clients from their unique Industry. 

Book My Mantra has been dedicated to helping companies and brands based on their Industry and Competitor trends. Our reputation speaks for itself. For more details please visit our section of Case Studies.

Here’s exactly how we’ll help you gain more leads, conversions, and loyal customers.

Retail - Online and Offline

We understand the ever changing Retail world both Offline and Online. Our team consists of experts from Fashion, Jewelry, Electronics, Home Decor, and several others to best fit your category.


In the past we have served numerous clients into this domain and take immense pride of our knowledge of this industry. Our average performance across this includes:

- 256% average increase in Revenue in just 12 months

- Three fold brand presence across Social platfforms

- Up to 44% reduction in CAC

Healthcare - Doctors and Hospitals

We have been awarded multiple times for our immense work into Healthcare for Doctors across the Globe. Healthcare companies not only have to change based on ever-changing legislations, but they also have to integrate a cultural push toward Mobile Technology and big data mapping. ​


We are known for setting up the ground work for International Patient Footfall for Hospitals. Dentists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Test tube baby centers, Cardiac Hospitals and Cancer Doctors have majorly been our Clientele. The healthcare industry is facing a seismic shift as it propels full-speed ahead toward a consumer-driven system. Our Performance includes:

- 190% average increase in Patient Footfall

- 240% average increase in Social Media Presence

Hotels - Mostly 5 or 4 Stars

The Hoteling industry is facing a paradigm shift with changing customer habits and increased competition. With more and more information flow the industry itself is on a full-throttle toward a consumer-driven system where reviews and ratings make the final decision. ​


To make things even more challenging, five and four Star hotel Brands are fitting with budget hotels and villas to keep them attractive enough. Our Average performances in this industry has been:

- 205% average increase in Revenue in just 12 months

- Up to 44% reduction in CAC

Real Estate - Builders and Brokers

With more and more properties spranging up each day, it has become immensely important for Real estate Builders to create a brand difference in the Market. Positioning is the key and what better and cheaper method to do this other than the channel of Digital Marketing.

Each day we constant push our Clients with innovative solutions to create their brands in the market and to help them close Buyers exhaustively. Our Average performances in this industry has been:

- 200% average increase in Bookings

- Innovative Multi Platform approach for our Clientage

Non Profit Organizations

We assist numerous Non Profit Organizations in their effort of achiving brand awarness and financial assistance. Companies, leaders and Individuals are always looking out for avenues to deploy their CSR and Social Money. However their decsion to deployment is largely governed by the fact of brand presence and activities being performed by the Non-Profits.


Book My Mantra specializes into fitting the best strategy to promote your brand across activities, short videos and attractive events. Our Average performances in this industry has been:

- 155% average increase in Reputation in just 6 months

Restaurants and Bars

Running a successful restaurant means being able to anticipate the next new marketing breakthrough, while making the most of what works now.

It’s a constant push-pull scenario that could leave most business owners exhausted.

But the Book My Mantra team thrives on this type of volatility. We see each challenge as an opportunity to help our clients grow and expand.

- 470% average increase in Footfall

- 2.5 Fold increase in Brand presence


We have one mission: to get you to the top of every Digtial Platform online

Education and Training

An overwhelming number of prospective students begin – and end – their research for higher education institutions online.

On your quest to attract new prospects and boost enrollment rates, developing a comprehensive digital strategy is one of the most important steps you can take. We have been asssiting Universities and Training Instiutes across the globe to get more Students on thier Enrollment and Induction Days. Our average performance has been as follows:

- 12% average increase in Applications for Top Universities

- 65% average increase in Applicants for Tier-2 and Tier-3 Colleges

Beauty and Home Services

Salons, Health Practitioners, Home Service Agencies, Cleaning and Security Agencies are being searched more online rather than the traditional way of referencing. The competition has become fierce and this is where Book My Mantra with its own set of exp[ertise can come and assist you grow your business.


It has become utmost important to be present online at the exact time when your perspective customer might be looking for your service. Our average performance has been as follows:

- 142% average increase in Customer Enquires

- 180% average increase in Social Media Presence

Small Businesses & Startups

At Book My Mantra Digital Marketing Team, we apply decades of experience and startup marketing best practices to get more leads and more sales out of your web content, PPC, and social media marketing.

BMM is your perfect weapon for getting the results you want. Call us to get started on the path to faster growth.

- 242% average increase in Leads

- Assisted more than 65% Client Startups in securing Funds

Check out our numerous Case Stuidies!

We have one mission: to get you to the top of every Digtial Platform online

Legal and Professional Firms

When it comes to bringing in new business to your practice, creating a digital presence should be atop your list of priorities. But keeping up with current trends, while ensuring you adhere to industry standards, comes with its own set of trials and tribulations.

Yet keeping up is exactly what you must do, seeing as a majority of your potential clients choose a lawyer or any other Professional through a digital search.

- 182% average increase in Cases

- Two fold increase in Brand Presence across Platforms

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