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Our number one goal is to maximize your pay-per-click ROI by bringing in quality leads

You Deserve Paid Search Campaigns - That Deliver Leads, NOT PROMISES.

At Book My Mantra, we’re on a mission to trim the fat and make sure your paid search strategy gives back more than
it takes. Every campaign we launch delivers returns on investment you simply can’t find elsewhere. And, because we optimize each campaign daily, we’re always two steps ahead of the game.

Why Paid Search Works

There are more opportunities today to reach your customers and prospects than ever before. At the same time, there’s more competition. Results pages and social media platforms are flooded with content. Millions of blogs, videos, and graphics are published every single minute. This information overload makes it harder than ever to get your message in front of the people who matter most.


Unless you use paid search. Paid search campaigns allow you to target your audiences (based on who there are, where they live, what their interests are, and more) and guarantee that your message hits its mark.

1. It begins with data

  Our very foundation is Data. We know that every bug counts and so we make sure that all are actions are data-driven. 

2. It takes off with innovation

We believe in Blue Ocean Strategy. In simple words we make sure that our campaigns are all innovative and best suited to your markets.

3. It soars with our passion

Passion is what ignites each of us. We believe that ther is always scope for improvements even in our best performing campaigns. 

Why You Need Paid Search — The Book my Mantra Way

At the foundation of our paid search campaigns is data. Before we even brainstorm a strategy, we pore through market research and we get to understand our clients’ short-term and long-term goals. Once campaigns are launched, we monitor results daily and adjust strategies when needed, to ensure our clients get the best possible return.

The Book My Mantra team uses cutting edge technology and platforms to deliver impressive results. But sometimes, the technology we need to get the job done doesn’t exist yet. So, we invent it. When we realized our multi-location clients could not track cost-per-leads down to the location level, we developed a proprietary platform to make it possible. Now, thanks to this platform, we can adjust paid campaigns within each location, based on performance, trends, and more. Data and technology are key to any successful paid campaign. But you’ll never enjoy long-term success if you don’t have a partner wholly invested in your success.

At Book My Mantra, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our project management team responds to client requests within five minutes. We know time is money – and we hate to waste either of them for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PPC and why you should consider it for your business?

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising strategy that businesses use to place their content at the top of the search results pages for certain keywords. Usually, these are high-volume keywords that a target audience is searching for. Each time someone clicks that PPC ad, the company pays Google for the click.


PPC cost per click (CPC) is based on how difficult it is to rank for a given keyword. The more competition there is to rank for that keyword, the higher the CPC. Getting this right and not blowing your budget on paid search is somewhat of a science, and it happens to be our specialty.

2. Can my competitors target my branded keywords with PPC?

Yes, this is a common tactic. Savvy competitors will not only bid for their own branded keywords, but will pay to rank for the branded keywords of their competitors. That means that potential and existing customers looking for you on Google will first see an ad from your competitor. While this is perfectly legal—albeit a bit of a grey area—there are many ways to overcome this tactic. Our Google Adwords services can help!

3. What is the difference between SEO and Pay per Click?

Whereas companies can use PPC to pay for search traffic to their website, SEO is a different game entirely. SEO means structuring, writing, and optimizing pages to improve organic search traffic. For all intents and purposes, this means pleasing the Google algorithm. However, both SEO and PPC comprise the principal parts of a broader search engine marketing (SEM) strategy which any company that wants to compete on the digital landscape should consider.

4. What kind of results can I expect to get with Bookmymantra PPC Services?

We never make lofty or unrealistic problems. Any PPC management company that does is probably misleading you. Rather, our approach is to optimize your PPC campaigns based on existing data, industry expertise, and proven best practices—all while adhering to your budgetary guidelines.


From there, our team of PPC experts will measure, monitor, and optimize your PPC strategy so that you get the most bang for your PPC buck.

5. Is the Quality of PPC traffic worth the investment?

Again, our goal is to drive valuable clicks and qualified leads to your website without getting too spendy. One of the ways we do so is to exclude negative keywords from your campaigns—keywords that are likely to attract unqualified clicks and traffic to your website that have little chance of converting but drive up your PPC costs.


Done right, PPC can deliver faster results than SEO, which is a much longer (but still very necessary) play. And PPC offers a distinct opportunity to directly engage prospects where they are—Google—with conversion-optimized ad copy that speaks to their pain points.

6. Why do people click PPC Ads?

Well, the short answer is that most laypeople who are searching Google don’t know the difference between a PPC ad—which will always appear in “position zero”—and regular old search results.


They’re quite similar! And our PPC experts know how to craft eye-catching messaging for these ads that drives qualified clicks by speaking to your target audience’s needs. Because it’s strong messaging that drives clicks at the end of the day, not ignorance. Your customers have problems that only you can solve!

We Keep You Involved

We’ve heard the horror stories before – a campaign manager will take your money, disappear for months at a time, only to reappear with a tiny synopsis of what he’s been doing while he’s been gone.


But paid search is a real-time strategy. We think you deserve to know what’s happening with your campaigns, every step of the way. Our proprietary platform helps keep you in the know; and our hands-on project management team deliver reports regularly.


Whether our campaigns are succeeding, faltering, or in a lull, you have a right to know what’s going on, as well as what our team is doing to meet your goals and deliver the ROI you expect.



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